16 December 2008

Block G8 2007 the video

This is a virtual visit of the exhibition Block G8 2007 by Nikola Mihov at Digital Eyes Gallery:

Teleport to Digital Eyes Gallery

19 September 2008

Digital Eyes Gallery presents Nikola Mihov

SL NAME: not in SL, represented by Morgan Kincess
RL ARTIST NAME: Nikola Mihov
BASED: Sofia Bulgaria and Paris

EXHIBITION BLOCK G8 2007 by Nikola Mihov:
Nikola Mihov is always attracted by action pictures. G8 protests are full of action, army, cops, protesters, water cannons and tear gas... This is where armed of his camera he likes to shoot and this is what we present you at Digital Eyes Gallery.

Nikola Mihov was born in 1982, in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2002 he moves to Paris, France where he develops his passion for the photography. In 2005 he presents his first solo exhibition in the “Bulgarian Culture Center” in Paris, followed by participation in numerous collective exhibitions around Europe.

In March and April 2006 he had photographed the massive demonstration against the “CPE” law project in Paris. His photos of the protest are published in the on-line edition of “Le Monde”, in the “PHOTO” magazine, Paris and by the Bulgarian press. These events are followed by the exhibition “Anti CPE Riots in Paris” shown in Sofa and Varna in Bulgaria and in Thessalonica, Greece.”,. In 2007 Nikola Mihov wins the 1st prize for documentary photography of the “Bulgarian Photo Academy” contest and the Award of the International biennial “Phodar“.

During the same year Nikola Mihov creates in collaboration with Deyan Parouchev, the short film “Individual Destiny-Collective Destination” based on 9000 pictures, exploring some cinematographic technique mixed with photography. The film wins the prize of the public in Sofia and is included in the official selection of the “Pleiades Film Festival” and Paris Tout Court Festival. Nikola and Deyan create also an advertising corporate movie for “Google Europe” captured in Paris, Madrid, Dublin, Milano and presented at the “World Google Conference 2007 in Sevilla, Spain.
Opening party sunday 21 September 2008 with DJs Morgan Kincess and 2ndthoughts Brando aka Noraj Cue, 10am SLT, 7pm CET at Digital Eyes Gallery
Dress code: army, cops and protesters...

04 September 2008

1 year of Digital Eyes Gallery!

Digital Eyes Gallery will turn one year this month. And one year in Second Life is like 10 years of real life... So many artists discoveries and so many human adventures...
The exhibition by i7o Zhu is moving permanently to AVZ at OnCom. This artist inspired the building of this gallery so his art has to stay in the grid.
Next exhibition is by my real life photography partner from Sofia Bulgaria. We shoot together for 4 years mostly during techno parties, making a friendly photographers battle of who will have the best image.
I will present him properly in my next post, but as usual there will be a launch party and the dress code will be linked to the theme of the exhibition : "demonstration, cops, army"
Stay tuned and join in-world the group Digital Eyes Gallery to celebrate with us the 1 year of the gallery!

18 July 2008

RFL Digital Heroes

Relay for Life 2008 campain (cancer research) in Second Life ends this weekend after 4 months of fundraising and 160.000 (real) us$ made. Celebration will be in 35 sims with amazing builds.
The team Digital Eyes organises a rave party at Relay for Life. From house to hard techno via trance, electro, minimal. DJs sets and live acts this saturday19/sunday20 July 2008 from 12pm to 9am SLT.
2ndthoughts Brando, Andy Seiling, Artec Amat, Carlos Kirshner , Darien Usher, Galaxy Ferraris aka GALAXY GIRL, i7o Zhu, IONIC Benton , Mantis Oh aka CARI LEKEBUSCH, Myla Vuckovic, Parsifal Beck, Sagesse Sautereau, Wiu Bing , YuzienBorn Janus are in charge to make you dance.
Dress code : Heroes past, present and future... You can teleport at RFL Digital Eyes from 10am by clicking here

29 January 2008

Meet and greet with i7o Zhu

i7o Zhu has worked with some of the greatest artists as video director (I'll only quote Daft Punk or Jean Michel Jarre) and his art is an open gate to each and everyone's imagination.
After all the positive feedbacks received on i7o Zhu exhibition at Digital Eyes Gallery, we have decided to organize a meet and greet with him this Tuesday 29th January at 9pmCET 12pmSLT. He will be there to answer to any questions on his art or techniques.

Digital Eyes Gallery is at Kusanagi 200.215.581


(please note that SLURLS don't work over 256 meters and as the gallery is higher in the air, you can use the search tool for "Digital Eyes Gallery" or call Morgan Kincess who will send you a taxi)

17 January 2008

i7o Zhu at Digital Eyes Gallery

SL NAME: i7o Zhu
BASED: in Portugal mostly
WEAPONS: powerful computers

EXHIBITION by i7o Zhu: walking in the streets of SL, Morgan Kincess once had an electro shock by seing a 3D image, and this image was by i7o. She decided to build her gallery after that. The images shown are original creations or screenshots taken from his videos. Digital Eyes Gallery is a beautiful modern building and it will completely be put into context with i7o work inside it.

Opening party thursday 17th January 2008, 3-5pm SLT (12-2am CET) with DJ Hern Worsley (AVZ) at Digital Eyes Gallery, Kusanagi 200.215.581

[Edit 18.01.2008]
A big thank you to everybody who came at the opening party, and especially to the people who followed the dresscode scifi and cyberpunk. Here is a slideshow with the best ones :

SL-newspaper.com made an interview of i7o Zhu during the opening, you can read it here

Tinas Universum has written a report on the exhibition for the Swedish readers, you can see it here

23 November 2007

Digital Eyes Gallery goes to Portugal

Ananke project is opening tonight (friday 23rd Nov) in the Portuguese SIM of Second Life. Digital Eyes Gallery's curator Morgan Kincess has been invited to do an exhibition for the opening:

Exhibition "Backstage rats" : traveling around the world to make pictures of DJs or tour manage them, Morgan spends her life in backstages where she can witness things the public can't always see. Simple details that often says it all about the parties. And the name "backstage rats" is because of this weird "all access" population, met only for a few hours, who love to eat and drink all what's left, a bit like rats.

Click here to teleport to Ananke gallery

And the opening party is friday 23rd and saturday 24th November with the DJs :
Zion (Portugal), Dj PirrA (Portugal), Rui da Silva (Portugal), Altern8 McMillan (Germany), Luisinho Rossini (Italia), Nonnus Proto (Portugal), Transient Zeluco (USA), GW Raymaker (Italia), Cato Six (UK), DJLuigy (Portugal), Humble Pinion (Germany), 2ndthoughts Brando (Holland), Digital Francis (NYC/USA)

All the details on the site of Ananke Project