04 September 2008

1 year of Digital Eyes Gallery!

Digital Eyes Gallery will turn one year this month. And one year in Second Life is like 10 years of real life... So many artists discoveries and so many human adventures...
The exhibition by i7o Zhu is moving permanently to AVZ at OnCom. This artist inspired the building of this gallery so his art has to stay in the grid.
Next exhibition is by my real life photography partner from Sofia Bulgaria. We shoot together for 4 years mostly during techno parties, making a friendly photographers battle of who will have the best image.
I will present him properly in my next post, but as usual there will be a launch party and the dress code will be linked to the theme of the exhibition : "demonstration, cops, army"
Stay tuned and join in-world the group Digital Eyes Gallery to celebrate with us the 1 year of the gallery!

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